The Season of Spike Video Archive
Welcome one and all! Here you will find all of Spike the Dragon's scenes from every episode of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" in which he appeared, separated by season. The clips include most every scene he is speaking, any scene where he is doing something significant or funny, or where the scene plays an integral part to his character (for example, his birth). Scenes where he is simply standing around in the background have been left out for the most part; otherwise, the length of some of these videos would increase significantly.

It was not easy to find a balance between editing it down as much as possible to only include him but not lose the context of the scene. In that regard, some of the clips include parts where others are either talking to or about him in order to allow the segment to make sense.

Having trouble playing the videos? You can download all of them directly from here.

Season of Spike video screen